Have you?

Have you walked over the bridge across Thames with Westminster on one side and the London Eye (lit up in blue), on a cold night?

It is breathtakingly beautiful and timeless.

I walked by yesterday.

This time I stopped and took time to take in the sight – without taking a picture.

Why Timbuktu? Why me?

Timbuktu is a fantasy.

In another life, I would love to live there unlisted, and un-found.

So far, days and nights, ups and downs have all been full of stories.. interesting ones, scary ones, ones I would like to remember and ones I would love to forget. Together they make me who I am, who I will be.

All of them – even the ones I would like to forget, I would love to share. Not with anyone in particular – just with the world for everyone/anyone.

No lessons, no aha moments, no ‘I told you so’ moments. Just my everyday.

Come. Be my witness.