Month: June 2015

What kind of a dreamer are you?

Nope.. I am not talking about the dreams you have for your life.

I am talking about the unexplained, unfinished glimpses of stories you see unfold in front of you, when you lose your eyes to sleep each night.

What kind of a dreamer are you??

Do you dream of things that you thought about during the day? Does your dream ensure that all unfinished business during the day has a perfect ending and is placed in a beautiful Tiffany box with a bow on it??

Do you dream of people you have never met? Exciting things you have never done? Do you wake up believing that what you saw was as real as real itself? Do you go through the next day with a spring in your step?

Do you dream of scary, bizarre things – and wake up wanting to forget it??
Do you spend all of next day with a simmering headache and a racing pulse because you still can’t convince yourself that what you saw was just another dream.

Or are you one of those who are cursed with one set of dreams – nightmares that you want to leave behind, but can’t because they come back as fresh as ever – every so often, shaking you out of your ┬álife – reminding you that there is no escape.

Are you a dreamer at all?
Tell me. What kind of a dreamer are you??


So yesterday evening, I did something. Something that I have never done before.

It was not done by chance – it was planned.. orchestrated.

I stood up in front of 50 people and poured my heart out.. Scared, stripped of all the cover, exposed.

I told them everything.

Yet, I told them nothing.